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Simple layout-

  • Large buttons which are easy to read and press.
  • Color coded to make locating keys easier:
    • Number keys are light green
    • Operator keys are white
    • Trigonometric keys are blue
    • Other functions (log/sqrt, etc.) are yellow
    • Special function keys (delete/last value/=) are red.
  • Units can be degrees or radians (shown on right of input line)
  • Entry errors are reported in the answer line.
  • The input formula line is directly above the keys
  • Output precision can be custom set with up to 17 digits.
  • Directly above this is the last answer in numeric output
  • The remaining space above this is a 'paper tape' style scroll region.
    •  The lines closest to the keys are more recent than the top lines.
    • Left side shows the input formula / right is the answer.
    • Flick left on a line allows deleting the value.
    • Pick any of these lines and-
      • If the formula line is empty then the formula is brought down for editing
      • Else, if the formula is in progress, then the value (as a number) is appended to the current formula line

Allows reviewing of formula-

The formula input allows you to see every detail of what is being calculated-

    • As you are entering it to verify the correct keys are being entered
    • After evaluation in the paper tape area allowing verification afterward calculating.

uCalc Delete Screen

Works in all orientation of your iPhone


uCalc Rotated Screen

Pressing the 'i' information button shows the settings.

 'Digits in answer line' - Number of digits (including the decimal point) placed in the line above the formula and on the right edge of the paper tape area.

'Digits in 'last' answer' - number of digits inserted into formula line when either the 'answer' key or selection of paper tape are used.

Color Table- Allows modifying current color scheme of keys to your own preference.

uCalc Property Panel

 Many thanks to Graham Cox for writing the Math Expression Parser used in this product.

For additional help or information contact support@CreativeMindsetSoftware.com

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