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The easiest and most useful recorder on the market - record fast notes or long lectures with ease. The length of your recording is limited only by your storage and battery (about 1 Mbyte per minute, 4 hour lecture hardly drains the battery).

Define your lecture times and Record It! will automatically name, categorize, and store your lectures. When you start your recording, Record It! will automatically choose the lecture for the current time.

Recording a non-repeating meeting? No problem: pick a quick category ('general' by default) and record. The results are stored in a list which can be sorted by name, date, or lecture.

Creating a soundtrack is as simple as-

1) Start the program and press the Record button.
2) Press Stop when complete.
3) The list of all recordings is displayed under the Play tab at the bottom
4) Press the button on the selection line to listen to the track.


1) Automatic or manual naming of recordings.
2) Change or edit recording name and lecture category after recorded.
3) Automatic categorization of recordings.
4) Compact recording size.
5) Listen on your device or e-mail to another system.
6) Screen dimming for dark lecture halls.
7) Will continue recording while the screen is turned off.
8) Stored recordings are sorted by Name, Date, or grouped by lecture.
9) Manage recordings-

- Edit name of recording and related lecture.
- Delete unwanted recordings.
- E-mail recordings (size limited by your e-mail service).

10) Playback with adjustable volume and allows starting at any point in the track.
11) Lectures are easily defined using name, days of the week, and times it meets.
12) Lecture names and meeting times are easily changed after definition.
13) Help included in program - no network connection required.

There are three tabs at the bottom of the program which allow you to work with your soundtracks in a consistent way.
The program will name you file based on the closest defined lecture to the current time - so you probably want to define lectures first.

The tab definitions are as follow-

Record - All functions required for making a new recording are available on this tab.

a. Set recording name

Automatic naming will create a file which is your lecture name appended with the current date and time.

b. Select a lecture

  • If you have defined a lecture which starts in 1/2 hour, or ended ½ ago, then that lecture will be automatically selected.
  • If you don't like the current lecture then you press the lecture button and a list of all available lectures will be displayed.
  • If no lecture is defined or fits the current time slot then 'general'is placed in the field.

c. Setting switches

i. Automatic naming

  1. If on (by default) then when the Record button is pressed then a name will be generated containing the current lecture, date, and time when the recording started.
  2. If off then the name will be left as currently set. If that name is already defined then '+' symbols will be appended to the name until it is unique.

ii. Dim screen

When 'On', will reduce the current light levels on the screen to make it easier to use in a dark room setting.
Note- only this page of the program will dim when on.

d. Record/Pause

pressing this button will begin the recording process if a microphone is available. The name will then change to 'Pause', press this to halt recording until it is pressed again.

e. Done - Only available during a recording, ends the recording and stores it on disk.


Playback - this tab allows you manage and listen to your completed tracks.

a. You may display your list sorted by date, name, or grouped by lecture name.

b. The bottom of the display reports the detailed information about the selected recording.

c. Buttons at the top allow-

o Playback of the recorded track (also available by pressing button on selected track).
o Editing the details of recording, like the name and lecture.
o Export of individual tracks by attaching them to an e-mail.

      • File sizes over 15 Mb may fail - you will be warned and allowed to try larger files anyway. Use the iTunes option if files are larger than this (see section on transferring).
      • Your device must be setup to send and receive e-mail.

d. Delete individual tracks (also available by sliding left on selected track).


Playback tab

When an individual recording is selected you have control over what to listen to.

The 'Edit' button allows modification to the recording's name and the name of the lecture (in case you want to add more detail after listening to it).

This page also reports the date, time, length of recording, and the size of the file.

The volume slider allows you to adjust the volume based on how string the original sound was during the recording.

The elapsed time slider allows quickly moving to any point in the recording, and possibly returning to re-listen to the information.


Record It! Play Screen

Lecture - Allows creation and management of individual lecture definitions. If you start a recording within ½ hour of the lecture's time then the lecture will automatically be set for you.

a. The page will show your defined lectures.
b. The buttons at the top allow you to-

  • Edit an existing lecture - all parameters of the lecture can be modified. If you rename it then all associated recordings will be updated to refer to the new lecture.
  • Delete - permanently remove the lecture from the program.
  • Information - get local help.
  • Create- Generate a new lecture.

c. Each lecture has:

  • Name - logical name for the recurring event, like 'Physics 121 - Lab'.
  • Meeting days- check boxes allow definition for which days of the week this event happens on (green checked is meeting this day, empty black is not meeting).
  • Start/End time- the time at which this event normally starts and ends. Press the button (selection denoted by a black square outline) and the time selection wheel below will move to that time. Adjusting the wheel will then set the lecture time.

Hint: A lecture can only define a single time slot, define a second lecture if it meets at different times


Lecture screen

The 'Create Lecture' page allows full definition of a normally schedules lecture.

  1. Enter any name / characters to define your lecture.
  2. Define which days of the week your lecture recurs.
  3. Set the starting time for the lecture.
  4. Set the ending time of the lecture.


Record It! Create Lecture Screen

The built-in help system allows easily locating information about how to operate and tips on replaying your recordings. 


Record It! Help Screen


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